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Winter Outdoor Fitness Should Pay Attention To What The Problem

- Feb 10, 2018 -

First, pay attention to keep warm to prevent the cold. Because the winter out of exercise, in order to facilitate activities, often less wear, it is easy to catch cold in the road to the training location. Therefore, it is best to put on a coat, and other activities opened and then off. Again, just finished the exercise, due to rapid blood circulation, the body is rapidly cooling, so a short period of time can not feel the cold. But at this time the pores open, the cold air is very easy to stimulate the body, causing hidden injuries, and so feel cold, in fact, the body has been largely infringed. Body cold is likely to cause muscle spasms, increased fatigue reaction to exercise, decreased resistance until the discomfort or risk of illness, so after exercise should be promptly put on the coat, keep warm work.

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