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Why Are Many Ships Equipped With Boat Fenders?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

In the actual operation of the ship, a series of docking behaviors are needed to facilitate transportation and docking. However, the ship will inevitably suffer some collision damage during the docking process. If there is no buffer medium and protective measures, this will cause great harm to the hull. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of ships and prolong the service life of ships, it is necessary for us to equip our ships with boat fenders as important protection devices to buffer the impact of the ships. What are the advantages of inflatable boat fenders?


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The benefits of the inflatable fenders are many. In the docks, ports and other places, we often see ships equipped with a circle of dock buoy as the main device to protect the safety of ships. There are many reasons for the safe docking of a ship. It is not because of the best control of the hull speed (because of water flow and other reasons, the collision-free behavior can not be completely avoided), but rather the control of the optimum speed to cause a relatively minor collision. Of course, even a slight collision can still damage the appearance of the hull, but a ship equipped with boat fender bumpers can avoid such a situation to the utmost. The boat buoy can ensure that many hull collisions can be effectively safeguarded.

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The pvc inflatable fenders has the advantages of simple installation and operation. In the actual application process, there is no need to worry about the problem of hull collision. It is only necessary to install the device with simple and few steps to solve the problem. In such circumstances, many hulls have begun to notice the benefits of using fender buoy, not only because the installation is relatively simple and convenient, but also does not require much expense for specific maintenance. For the quality of the yacht fenders it can be used for a very long period of time.

Because of this, many people choose black boat fenders when they sail long distances, which indirectly leads to the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry.


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