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Sports Equipment Types And Maintenance Knowledge

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1, for a variety of equipment, according to the provisions of the rational use of weight block back to be light on the high-speed weight of the plug slightly to be saved, can not be littered.

2, indoors must maintain the humidity, so that the active parts of the device from the invasion of dust to reduce wear and tear.

3, all parts of the instrument, regular refueling fastening or replacement of wear parts.

4, the seat surface if the equipment is leather or leather surface should be made of cloth, in order to facilitate cleaning and prolong the service life.

5, all parts of the device should be checked once a day to see if the screws are loose, there is no open welding rupture, if anomalies should be promptly repaired, to ensure the safe and complete and timely use of equipment.

6, standing wearing parts, such as screws, wire rope, fittings, slightly, pulleys and grips. If lost and damaged, should be promptly replaced.

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