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Precautions For Buying Basketball Rack

- Feb 10, 2018 -

1, the main purpose of the venue for the basketball game or training, whether the need for regular basketball move;

2, the standard height of the basketball are usually 3.0M;

3, stand to be durable, it is best to use the kind of removable floor basket, it's stand a little better durability;

4, rebound thickness should be moderate, not too thick, will affect the rebound degree when the ball hit the rebound; the basket can not be too hard, the edge of the basket can not be rough;

5, there are indoor basketball hoists can be sub-divided, can be hoisted basketball hoist hydraulic basketball and mechanical basketball points, according to their own actual situation to buy;

6, such as the choice of hanging basketball, hanging columns must be the main load-bearing structure of the indoor construction, the general framework of the wall can not afford to hang basketball rack. Especially in the event of dunk situation in the official competition;

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