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How To Improve The Accuracy Of Billiards

- Feb 10, 2018 -

First of all, to find the club's center of gravity, the method is to pinch the thumb and index finger together, made of a circle or a hook, the club set in the circle inside, and then push the club to adjust the balance so far, the club on The finger position is the center of gravity of the club. And then from this center of gravity to move the tail 20 to 30 cm, this site is the general grip of the appropriate situation. When holding the lever, do not hold it too tight, otherwise the hands and wrists muscle tension, arm stiffness, you can not smooth slide out of the shot. The right hand grip, the thumb and index finger gently grip the club at the tiger's mouth, like a rings, panties hold the club is the front of the hand, namely: the thumb and the first two fingers, the other two virtual grip grip , The little finger wrapped around the bottom of the club, the main balance with the control of the club stability, the club to maintain a straight line.

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