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How To Customize Your Baseball Training Ball More Suitable For Your Training Purposes

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Hello! This is Alex from Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness. In the previous article, I introduced the wholesale Baseball Practice Balls in terms of material and structure. I believe that you have a deep understanding of the characteristics and principles of this Sand Balls For Baseball, and you may even want to Try this cheap Heavy Baseballs. But if you have more requirements for baseball training, you may wish to read my article first.

 cheap Heavy Baseballs.jpgwholesale Practice Baseballs.jpg

First we talk about the color of cheap Baseball Training Balls. As I described in my previous article, the shell of wholesale Baseball Training Balls is PVC. It can be made into many colors, and the colorful colors make it more attractive. But from the user and the environment, color has other meanings. For example: If the user is a color blind, he can choose the color that can attract attention. Another example: We can use more prominent red balls or orange balls in brown venues. Then you may ask: What color ball should we use at night, White ball? Yes, white ball, but you're only half right. We can make the Sand Baseballs luminous, let it shine in the dark! Does it sound cool? In addition, we can also add some other colors to the material to make the effect of clouds; or add some sequins to make it “bling bling”.

 luminous PVC ball.jpg

cloudy style.jpg

PVC inflatable glitter ball.jpg

In addition to color, the physical properties of PVC are also adjustable. The most common is to change the flexibility of the wholesale Practice Baseballs by adjusting the hardness of the PVC. Of course, you can also choose to increase or decrease the thickness of the shell or inflate the ball to increase the flexibility. However, increasing or decreasing the thickness of the shell affects the quality and cost, and there is a limit to the inflation (too much charge can cause the cheap Practice Baseballs to deform). If there is a higher demand for the flexibility of the cheap Sand Balls For Baseball, is there no solution? Yes! We can make some changes to the raw material so that the shell can has foaming effect. Just like the “BOOST” shoes you wear, the small bubbles inside greatly increase the elasticity and resilience!

 foam PVC ball shell.jpg

With regard to the weight adjustment of the Weighted Baseballs for sale, currently only by adjusting the proportion, particle size and volume of sand. For example: If you want the cheap Weighted Baseballs to inject more sand, meanwhile the weight does not change, we will use iron sand or natural sand of larger particle size . If you are interested in more empty space for the cheap Baseball Heavy Balls, we will use more delicate iron sand.

The last one, if you want to change the appearance of the Sand Balls For Baseball for sale, such as embossing your LOGO, or embossing some patterns. There is only one method is to make new molds, which is a huge cost (usually about 10,000 US dollars).

molded ball texture.JPGcustomized ball appearance.jpg 


Talent is important, but only talent is not enough. After finding talent, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better results. Children grow every day and strength increases every day, so different stages require different practice balls.

As Baseball Practice Balls suppliers, Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. help baseball players to strengthen skills training, or develop interest in baseball. In addition to the various baseball / softball training balls as above, the main products of Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. also include PVC and rubber medicine balls, PVC inflatable yacht fenders, rubber yoga mats and so on. All products are environmentally friendly and EU standards, of very high quality, have been approved and praised by a lot of professional clients.


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