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He Can Play Training Baseball At 3 Years Old

- Mar 26, 2018 -



According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the United States, a three-year-old boy named Eli Elsfleth aroused attention, he practiced playing baseball from the age of one, and now even more skillful than most adults.

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The child's talent is amazing, very engaged when practicing baseball


It is understood that Eli just learned to walk when starting to play toy baseball bats, almost every ball must. At the beginning, Eli only practice fixed-point shots, and now parents pitch the balls to do the batting practice with him. As the difficulty of practice increases, his baseball level is also rising.


Eli is very fond of playing baseball, he volunteered every day to ask his parents to accompany doing batting practice. Eli was often upset by the interrupted practicing because of eating. In addition, Little Eli also often asked Mom and Dad about when he can playing baseball with high school students.


Children love to play baseball may be influenced by their parents

Eli playing baseball's gift may come from the parents of genetic. It is reported that Eli's father is a baseball player, while her mother was a cheerleader and gymnastics team during her college studies.


Eli's parents said they will take Eli to see a real baseball game. They think Eli can understand the game and understand the fun.


Discover talent, develop and practice

Talent is important, but only talent is not enough. After finding talent, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better results. Children grow every day and strength increases every day, so different stages require different practice balls.

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