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Fitness Equipment Life

- Feb 10, 2018 -

The first category: is the other without any moving parts of the stability of equipment. The fixed riding pile, balance beam fixed ladder climbing wall, supine enthronement like, since the phenomena of wear of each component, a collision does not exist, and in the outdoor environment under the same conditions set substantially no daily management , To determine the safe life of 6 years.

The second category: is a sports equipment with elastic properties. The horizontal bar and parallel bars; as high off the ground the operator exercise, a certain campaign is difficult and dangerous, and the elastic deformation caused by repeated use for a long time, tends to fatigue cracking or breaking bars, competitive-type reference horizontal bar Safety of life on the basis of 1 year, the provisions of the safe life of 2 years.

The third category: is a rotating, swinging or sliding and other activities with various types of equipment. During use, the various activities of the parts have regular wear and tear, with reference to the normal life of the general machinery and equipment, and set in an outdoor environment under the conditions of use and almost nobody daily management, combined with the outdoor is in use Fitness equipment life, to determine the safe life of such equipment for 4 years.

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