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Dent How To Do Clubs

- Feb 10, 2018 -

First, prepare a slightly better quality a little thick tissue paper towels, a tin foil, a lighter.

Second, the wet tissue, but can not be completely wet, semi-dry and semi-dry kind, and then tightly wrapped in the club concave place, and then tightly wrapped in tin foil paper towels above.

Third, repeated use of the tin foil on the baking machine, be sure to rotate the club repeatedly to keep the heat evenly. Do not burn the rod is not wrapped tin foil parts.

Fourth, about two or three minutes after the open tin foil and paper towels, wipe it dry with a dry cloth again 1500 fine sandpaper carefully polished, then flip the sandpaper with the back and then polished clubs again.

Fifth, finally, then club cloth (dry) wipe, hang for an hour to prevent bending deformation.

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