Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are a common sight in any gym and are used for a wide variety of exercises to develop virtually every muscle group, including the Abs and the upper body. Medicine balls (also known as slam balls, med balls, or fitness balls) are weighted balls made of PVC or rubber.
    • 3kg Medicine Ball

      3kg Medicine Ball

      The 3kg medicine ball is great for dynamic exercises, core exercises, partner workouts, squats, overhead presses...

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    • 30 Lb Medicine Ball

      30 Lb Medicine Ball

      30 lb medicine ball Body-Solid Slam Balls are made for strength athletes who want to get a small piece of cardio in...

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    • 2kg Medicine Ball

      2kg Medicine Ball

      Suitable for strength training and cardio exercises, the 2kg Medicine Ball will be the perfect addition to your home...

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    • 25 Lb Medicine Ball

      25 Lb Medicine Ball

      This 25 lb medicine ball (slam ball) allows you to combine strength and cardio training into one explosive workout....

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    • 20 Lb Slam Ball

      20 Lb Slam Ball

      20 LB SLAM BALLS Overhead medicine ball slams are great for working the entire body and for releasing some...

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    • 20 Lb Medicine Ball

      20 Lb Medicine Ball

      20 lb Slam Ball adds a bit of cardio to your strength workout while releasing stress or an excess amount of energy....

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    • 2 Lb Medicine Ball

      2 Lb Medicine Ball

      2 lb medicine ball FEATURES Why use a medicine ball? A versatile accessory (weight training, rehabilitation,...

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    • 15 Lb Medicine Ball

      15 Lb Medicine Ball

      15 lb medicine ball 15 lb medicine ball Features DIFFERENT SIZE & COLOR: According to different strength needs,...

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    • 12 Lb Medicine Ball

      12 Lb Medicine Ball

      The 12 lb Medicine Ball is an ideal piece of exercise equipment for those who want to tone and strengthen their...

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    • 10lb Medicine Ball

      10lb Medicine Ball

      Medicine balls build core trunk strength and joint integrity. You may ask why is this important? Core trunk strength...

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    • 10kg Medicine Ball

      10kg Medicine Ball

      Medicine balls are an important training aid for the athletes of today. The Medicine balls are ideal for fitness,...

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    • 100 Lb Slam Ball

      100 Lb Slam Ball

      Super Heavy Slam Balls (such as 100 lb slam ball) – The way to build muscle and increase strength while using slam...

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