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Yoga training at what time is the best?

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Every day at different times of the human body are all the same, or stretch, or restraint, or burnout, or happy. In the morning, when the sun rises on the horizon, after a night's rest, it enters the best condition to practice yoga. This time practice praying for Japanese style, Ashtanga Yoga and other ways to achieve better results. In the evening, after a day of exertion, the body looks tired, more appropriate practice some yin yoga body style, pull up the joints, ligaments, adjust the meridians. Of course, many people are unable to get up early in the morning. So many people will choose the evening. For example, I will choose the evening on the basis of me. For example, on the basis of two or three hours after dinner, Exercise is not too big body.

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