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Yoga mat manufacturers how to identify Yu Bo pad is toxic

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Yoga mats are now sold on the market is divided into PVC, PVC foam, EVA, EPTM, non-slip mat five kinds of material. PVC foam which is the most professional (PVC content of 96%, yoga mat weight is about 1500 grams), EVA and EPT'M mainly to do moisture-proof pad (weighing about 500 grams). However, this material mat material is too light, can not be laid on the ground, the mat is always in the state of roll up. PVC and non-slip mat because it is not the use of foam technology, but only by cutting raw materials (weight at 3000 grams left accounted), only one non-slip lines, slip resistance and poor, and this mat with a period of time, due to the middle No foam hole, cushion will be flattened, will not bounce back to normal specifications.

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