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What is the difference between a yoga mat and a normal mat?

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Strictly speaking, yoga mats and no difference between ordinary mats. According to different purposes, a variety of mats will use different materials, including yoga mats are relatively demanding mat, friction, elasticity, durability have high requirements, it will also use more expensive materials. The development of yoga mat is also experienced a lot of precipitation, the rest of the material we all recognize, cost is relatively high. The cheapest cushion available is the TPE yoga mat, and then a little more expensive to encrypt PVC, and then a little more expensive natural rubber, the most expensive PU non-slip mat, a penny. There are many other materials, but the cost is not high, such as cork mats, canvas mats, high prices, the effect is not good. NBR, foam PVC, EVA cushion cheaper, but with not strong, not easy to use, usually layman do not understand plans to buy cheaper. Although cheaper, but the price is actually very low.

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