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Use medicine ball to do golf fitness training

- May 09, 2018 -

Golf fitness training can help you improve your skills while also shaping bodybuilding. Through the practice of wholesale Weighted Medicine Ball, training on muscle control is strengthened. While shaping the body, it also increases the speed of swing and the stability of the body.


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Push the medicine ball in front of the shoulder

Keep your body upright and shoulders apart. Hold the wholesale Heavy Medicine Ball in front of your neck with both hands and push the wholesale Bouncing Medicine Ball forward until it is level with your shoulders. Then push the wholesale Rubber Medicine Ballto the head until the arms are stretched and then restore. Push forward twice and push up 2 times. Then push forward 3 times and push 3 times. 8 to 15 times according to your abilities.


Medicine ball support

Put your hands on the floor and put on the push-ups. Hold your hands on the wholesale Crossfit Medicine Ball for 30 seconds and slowly lift your left leg for 30 seconds. Slowly lower your left foot and lift your right leg for 30 seconds. Each action will be based on your abilities. Complete 1 minute.


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Medicine ball Lunge squatting

Stand upright with your right hand and hold the wholesale Gym Medicine Ball. Stand with your feet apart before and after step and a half. Hold your lunge down and lean forward. Put your cheap Soft Medicine Ball forward under the leg and turn it to the left hand. Return to the starting position with your left hand. Complete according to your abilities. Up to 25 times, for the opposite practice.


It is very important for the golfer to practice the explosive force of the muscles and the control ability of the core muscles with the wholesale Medicine Ball. It will increase the speed and body stability during the swing, Improve the hitting distance of wood and long iron and the success rate of short shots. From the point of view of fitness, practicing the above movements can make the upper limbs, waist, abdomen, lower limbs and other core parts get a very good shape effect.


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Be healthy, and also be in better shape! Let’s do convenient fitness

Healthy is important, but only healthy is not enough. If you wanna be attractive, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better figure. Different people has different body and strength, so different stages require different fitness balls.

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