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Rubber yoga mat manufacturers detailed yoga pajamas role

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Shop on a yoga mat to absorb sweat. (Do yoga exercise, the body will emit a lot of sweat, drip on the yoga mat will cause sticky uncomfortable feeling, sweat more practitioners can use high absorbent yoga shop towel on yoga mat, effective adsorption of sweat, Also play a non-slip effect).

2. To prevent inhalation of yoga mat bacteria, to prevent yoga, some facial movements close to the yoga mat and inhalation of bacteria or dust mites. In particular, the use of yoga mats within the public yoga mats, but also unhygienic.

3. Microfiber unique capillary adsorption effect, so that the fabric has a water absorption speed, fast drying characteristics. Shop on the yoga mat can reduce the bacteria on the yoga mat breeding.

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