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Questions about purchasing Weighted Training Baseballs

- Apr 30, 2018 -

Many customers have been interested in our wholesale Practice Baseballs after visiting our website and reading our articles. Some wholesalers can't wait to order balls, but because they don't know much about this new style of cheap Heavy Baseballs, they ask us many questions. Of course, we are happy to answer these questions, but given that many questions about purchasing cheap Weighted Training Baseballs are duplicated, I feel compelled to write an article for other customers.

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  1.        Retail

Since we are Weighted Balls For Baseball factory, we generally do not retail. So if you are an individual user, or you just need a few samples for research testing, you can buy it directly from your local supermarket or website because most brands of wholesale Baseball Practice Balls are working with us (especially In the United States and Canada). If you can't purchase such Baseball Training Balls for sale (such as Japan, Korea, Mexico, etc.) in local supermarkets and websites, we can provide samples for free and you need to pay for courier fees.


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2.  Trial order

After careful trials of our sample cheap Sand Baseballs, some cautious customers decided to place the trial order at first, but the order quantity is very small. We understand this requirement and the client’s idea very much, but on the other hand we also want our customers to understand our situation. Because of the production process and cost of our Sand Baseballs, our per production has its minimum requirements. For example, the steps of boiling 1 egg and boiling 10 eggs are the same, and the physical strength and energy consumption are also similar, but the cost of each egg is much more. I believe no one like paying 10 times the price for cheap Weighted Baseballs?


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3. MOQ

If it is the order quantity of a trial order, it can be flexible. Why do I say that? Because the purpose of trial order is mainly to see the quality of cheap Weighted Baseballs and the market's response. If the customer's budget is not so much, we would advise him to purchase cheap Baseball Heavy Balls of popular colors and sizes so that we can produce together when producing other orders (logo can be customized). If the customer has more requirements, such as color, size, weight, packaging, etc., then the order quantity must be based on our minimum production.


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Talent is important, but only talent is not enough. After finding talent, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better results. Children grow every day and strength increases every day, so different stages require different practice balls.

As Sand Balls For Baseball suppliers, Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. help baseball players to strengthen skills training, or develop interest in baseball. In addition to the various baseball / softball training balls as above, the main products of Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. also include PVC and rubber medicine balls, PVC inflatable yacht fenders, rubber yoga mats and so on. All products are environmentally friendly and EU standards, of very high quality, have been approved and praised by a lot of professional clients.


PVC Weighted Baseball & Softball | Weight Medicine Balls | Boat Fenders | Rubber Yoga Mat Supplied By Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd.

---True factory of PVC and Rubber fitness products, with professional technology, best price and service.

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