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Playing medicine ball in winter to enhance golf swing

- Apr 20, 2018 -

In the southern hemisphere where the winter is coming, the court is no longer the most comfortable place without green. For golfers who can’t leave golf at the moment, this is an excellent opportunity to reserve physical energy. Temporarily throw away the club, pick up the wholesale Medicine Ball, follow us to do some simple and effective training, and enhance your explosive power. In the coming year, when the spring is on the court, the effect of your hitting will be envied by the golfers.


wholesale Rubber Medicine Ball is what we call wholesale Weight Ball. Compared with some traditional fitness equipment that can only exercise a fixed muscle group, wholesale Crossfit Medicine Ball training is more flexible and can fully enhance the value of exercise.


wholesale Crossfit Medicine Ball.JPG

This set of actions is divided into four parts. This wholesale Weighted Medicine Ball training system aims to practice the rotation speed and outburst of the trunk and pelvis, which is of great benefit to the practitioners' improvement of skills. The difficulty and intensity of the four groups of movements are gradually increasing. If the squat side throw is a par, the lunge and the golf side of the lunge are bird class and eagle class. And one-legged stance-throwing is the Albatross class that tests the body's stabilizing ability and consumes physical strength.


Playing medicine ball in winter to enhance golf swing.jpg

This training is suitable for young and old, and can reflect differences in the weight of the wholesale Soft Medicine Ball. For adult men, using wholesale 6lb Medicine Ball will allow you to get what you want faster. Female and adolescent practitioners can choose wholesale 4 Lb Medicine Ball. The light weight can prevent accidental damage. It's safe to spend this winter and start now!


wholesale 6lb Medicine Ball.JPG

Be healthy, and also be in better shape! Let’s do convenient fitness

Healthy is important, but only healthy is not enough. If you wanna be attractive, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better figure. Different people has different body and strength, so different stages require different fitness balls.

As Medicine Ball manufacturers with 15 years’ experience, Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. help people to strengthen their bodies and be healthy conveniently, or be interested in fitness.

In addition to the various slam balls, medicine balls, the main products of Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. also include soft PVC baseball and softball training balls, such as wiffle ball (hole ball), hollow ball, weighted baseball and softball, yoga balls, PVC inflatable yacht fenders, rubber yoga mats and so on. All products are environmentally friendly and EU standards, of very high quality, have been approved and praised by a lot of professional clients.



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