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Mistakes and Corrections in Softball Pitching Training

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Mistakes and Corrections in Softball Pitching Training

A, the angle of pitching is not good.

Phenomenon 1: The softball pitches too early and throws too high, causing it to throw not far.

Phenomenon 2: The softball pitching is too low to make the softball come into contact with the ground prematurely, and the flight time in the air is too short.

Corrective method: In the usual practice, I set a 2.5-meter-high plastic string 2.5 meters before the pitch line and asked the students to throw the ball over the string. After repeated practice, the students basically grasped the pitching angle.

 Phenomenon 3: The pitching direction of the softball is deviated.

Corrective method: First of all, these students are required to do a natural arm swing on the front and back, aiming at the target. If the ball is pitched to the left, it means they rotate too much or the arm is to left when the ball is pitched. If the ball is pitched to the right, the body does not turn or the arm is to the right.

For the wrong action of the above softball pitching, in order to teach them to rotate properly, I hung a 1m × 1m foam cushion in the air for these students to practice. I also drew a circle with a diameter of 1 meter on the wall, and hoisted a ball in the tree so that the students could do practice. In order to cultivate students' interest in shooting, I also put a few balloons to see who can blow the balloons.

B, straight arm when pitching.

Phenomenon: The ball is thrown by the straight arm.

Corrective measures: Instruct the trainees to practice swinging arms backwards and shoulders and elbows, and practice whipping movements repeatedly, and throw a paper folding plane to practice. At the same time, it is also possible to tie a rubber band to the tree so that these students can grasp the other end and perform full bow exercises.


C, the upper and lower limbs are not coordinated.

Phenomenon: Incompatibility between the upper and lower limbs, only waving. And forgetting the order of swastika, swivel, and arms.

Corrective measures: First teach them the order in which they throw the ball, that is, the order in which they squat, send hips, spin, and swing arms. Instruct them to do decomposition first, and then do coherent movements. In practice, tell them to pay attention to the body lean forward and the center of gravity to move forward.


Discover talent, develop and practice

Talent is important, but only talent is not enough. After finding talent, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better results. Children grow every day and strength increases every day, so different stages require different practice balls.

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