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Learn about the characteristics of the new style baseball training balls

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Hello there! This is Alex from Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness. In my previous article few days ago, I introduced the importance of the baseball training balls and the general material and composition of the sand balls for baseball. Well, in today's article, based on our many years’ production experience , let’s talk about the detailed characteristics of the sand baseballs.

weighted baseballs.jpg

Let’s talk start with the materials. The main material of the wholesale baseball training balls is PVC and iron sand. In terms of physical properties, PVC has better elasticity, firmness and durability; in terms of chemical properties, PVC is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and oxidation; in terms of product manufacturing, PVC has strong figurability, its color, odor, softness, elasticity , shape, density, etc. can be customized according to different requirements. So compared to the old-style baseball training ball, the cheap weighted baseballs can be made more beautiful and more personality. If you are a wholesaler, you should know that attractive products can arouse consumers' desire to buy more.

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Of course, only beautiful is not OK. The end user's feeling and recognition are the driving force for sustainable sales of products. Now we talk about this iron sand, which affect the weight of the cheap baseball heavy balls. As ball with sand inside, is the sand used by the slam medicine ball and the cheap heavy baseballs the same? The answer is of course negative. Generally speaking, the sand in the regular weight slam ball is mostly natural sand, because the density ratio of natural sand is smaller than the iron sand. In order to ensure that the volume of the filler beyond 3/5 of the ball, the percent of natural sand injected into the PVC weighted medicine ball is generally bigger than iron sand. For the wholesale practice baseballs, because the ball is too small, it is usually filled with iron sand. Compared with the iron sand in the slam ball, the graininess of the iron sand in the new baseball training ball is much smaller. This ensures the flowing of the sand, thus ensuring the feeling of hitting and throwing, and shape recovery of the new baseball training ball.

OK this is the end of today's article. In the next article, I will introduce various customization methods for the cheap sand balls for baseball - how to make your baseball training ball more suitable for your training purposes.

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Talent is important, but only talent is not enough. After finding talent, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better results. Children grow every day and strength increases every day, so different stages require different practice balls.

Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. specializes in producing soft PVC baseball and softball training balls, such as wiffle ball (hole ball), hollow ball, weighted baseball and softball, etc., can help baseball players to strengthen skills training, or develop interest in baseball.

In addition to the various baseball / softball training balls as above, the main products of Wuxi Honfon Sports & Fitness Co., Ltd. also include PVC and rubber medicine balls, PVC inflatable yacht fenders, rubber yoga mats and so on. All products are environmentally friendly and EU standards, of very high quality, have been approved and praised by a lot of professional clients.


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