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How to use weighted medicine ball to enhance physical fitness? What are the benefits of doing so?

- Apr 06, 2018 -

Many people like using weight ball, it’s a solid ball and one of the fitness equipments. Weighted medicine ball training is a challenging exercise. How to use crossfit medicine ball to enhance physical fitness? What are the benefits of doing so?

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Action 1. The trainer lays flat on the ground, puts his arms on both sides of the body, and puts the palms on the ground. He also puts his knees up and lays his feet on the ground. Then put a rubber medicine ball between his knees while keeping Balance the body, then squeeze the soft medicine ball on both knees and lift the buttocks off the ground. Then, straighten the trunk, stretch the hip muscles, keep the knees and shoulders in a straight line, and maintain an upward posture for 10 seconds. Then, slowly lower the buttocks to the floor and lift the toes off the floor to increase the strength of the hip muscles.

Action 2: The trainer stands on one leg, the other leg bends at 90 degrees, holds the soft weighted ball on his knees with both hands, and then he bends his knees naturally. Then the standing leg bends, the upper arm leans forward, and his arms stretch forward and downward. After a few seconds, restore the original movement. Then swap the left and right legs and continue repeating the above actions. Take care during the entire movement: The body is balanced and the knees of the upright legs do not exceed the tip of the toes when bent.

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Before the training, in the initial we choose the gym medicine ball according to our own load weight, and then with the increase in the training time, we can increase the weight of the gym weight ball depending on personal circumstances, to enhance physical fitness.

The benefits of using heavy medicine ball to enhance physical fitness:

1, It can strengthen the trunk muscles, enhance body balance.

2, It can increase the flexibility and balance of the thigh muscles.

3, It can increase hip muscle strength.

4, It can form a good body balance and natural smooth body shape.

Be healthy, and also be in better shape! Let’s do convenient fitness

Healthy is important, but only healthy is not enough. If you wanna be attractive, you need careful care and training in order to achieve better figure. Different people has different body and strength, so different stages require different fitness balls.

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