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How should I detect Inflatable Boat Fenders

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Boat fender is produced to better protect our lives. Today we need to understand how the Boat Fender Bumpers should be tested. In view of some characteristics of the wholesale Boat Fenders itself and its own performance, we should understand that the detection of the wholesale Inflatable Fenders itself is very important. Not only does it need to be tested when it's shipped out of the factory, it's also important to test it when it's time to buy it. Here's what we're going to say about the wholesale Yacht Fenders 's experiments at the factory.


cheap Pvc Boat Fenders.jpg

First of all, we need to understand what needs to be checked and noticed when testing the boat fender. We need to check the size: For the testing of the wholesale Fender Buoy, we need to complete the initial inflation pressure. There must be a clear test standard for the length and diameter of the wholesale Pvc Boat Fenders. The initial measurement size error is generally maintained at +%10, -5%, regardless of the model. Measurements of diameters and other aspects require attention, and multiple measurements are taken at the time of measurement and averaged. For the detection of airtightness: There are also many requirements for airtightness testing, but the general requirement for cheap Pvc Boat Fenders is that no leakage occurs within 30 minutes.


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Through the above understanding of the cheap Round Boat Fenders detection, we must now have a clearer understanding of the detection of cheap Black Boat Fenders. I hope this knowledge will help you.


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