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Hot yoga mat common introduction TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat four differences

- Feb 10, 2018 -

TPE yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly materials. TPE mat is made of environmentally friendly materials, production technology and raw materials in the production process is very high, so the price is more expensive than the PVC point, at present there are few domestic factories can produce TPE mats, mostly Imported materials from Taiwan.

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The PVC cushion type where more than a dozen, the price from a dozen to have dozens of pieces. The TPE are mostly hundred or even a few hundred dollars.

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But better point quality PVC mat will not be as long as twenty or thirty dollars can buy it.

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Difference two: The smell of the new TPE mat can dissipate, while the poor quality PVC hot yoga mat odor can not be dispersed

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TPE mat is environmentally friendly is not no smell it? Buy a new TPE mat will have a little bit of the smell of the original material (unless the seller opened the mat in advance to disperse the smell).

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