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Do abdominal training by medicine ball

- May 14, 2018 -

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1. Medicine ball pass and catch

- Back to back with your partner, knees down.

- The upper body is straight and stable.

- Rotate the abdomen to transfer the wholesale Weighted Medicine Ball to the back companion.

- Turn the other side to get the wholesale Heavy Medicine Ball back.

- lasts 30 to 90 seconds. After the break, change direction.

 Medicine ball pass and catch.gif

2. V-shaped rise + throw ball

- The two sit face to face, two feet apart, knees slightly bent.

- Do V-sit at the same time, get up and throw the wholesale Crossfit Medicine Ball to the opposite side.

- Do it after catching the wholesale Medicine Ball and throw the ball out.

- Then throw the ball to apply force to your chest.

- Slow down and feel your abdominal muscles.

-30~90 seconds is a group.

 V-shaped rise + throw ball.gif

3. Standing rotation forward

(Recommended use of wholesale Soft Medicine Ball)

- Stand about 1 meter in front of the wall and raise the wholesale Slam Ball to your chest.

-Using abdominal muscles and chest muscles to push the cheap Soft Medicine Ball to the wall with maximum force.

- After catching the rebound, launch again.

-30~90 seconds is a group. Rest after the break

 wholesale Soft Medicine Ball.jpg

4. Abdominal impact

- Standing face to face with your partner.

- Hold the ball in two hands and push the wholesale Rubber Medicine Ball directly to the opposite partner's abdomen.

- Use abdominal muscles to cushion shock and catch the wholesale Weight Ball with both hands.

- Take the ball and push it to the other person.

 Abdominal impact.gif

Be healthy, and also be in better shape! Let’s do convenient fitness

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