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11 baseball pitching rules in baseball training

- Apr 02, 2018 -

11 baseball pitching rules in baseball training

Lack of such knowledge may reduce pitching performance and increase the chance of injury. If you want to have the best performance on pitching, you should know the results of these studies based on sports science.


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1. In order to throw speed, pitching should emphasize the speed and pace of the body from the pitcher board. (The body moves slowly, and the speed of the ball naturally slows.)

2. Concentrate on developing a smooth pitching action. Once the pitching moves smoothly, the movement of the body will be smooth. The smooth pitching action means a proper pitching tempo. Any quick or sudden force action will slow down the ball.

3. Don't overemphasize any single part of the pitching action. This will make the pitching action dull. (Do not try to speed up the speed of the arms or the rapid transfer of the buttocks. The speed of these movements depends on the pitching action.)

4. For the pitching action that needs correction, if the instructor or the instructor observes with his eyes, usually there is no way to give reliable advice and feedback. Or use a mobile phone to take a shot, which is much more useful.

5. For each pitcher, the maximum limit on the speed of the ball is the speed of the displacement that is caused by the foot stepping from the pitcher board. The natural conditions of each pitcher actually determine the speed of displacement. (Young pitchers should focus on making the body's displacement as fast as possible)

6. Doing more training on softness and extensibility is futile, and in fact, these training will hinder the fluency of pitching. Any major extended action before the pitch will increase the risk of injury and reduce the speed of the ball.

7. Deducting a finger or wrist does not really contribute to the speed of the ball. The main function of the wrist and the finger is to control the position of the ball. The wrists should be neutral while the fingers are to extend your pitching action.

8. The faster the body moves when throwing, the smaller the muscles. In terms of pitching, the body's displacement speed is the key to the speed of the ball. This means that no matter how much muscle your weight training has, how much of these muscles are, there is almost no benefit to the speed of the ball.

9. The arm or shoulder does not account for how much the ball speed. Studies have shown that the shoulders of professional baseball pitchers are no stronger than those of other shoulders that are not pitching. It is a myth that you want to rely on a long pass to strengthen your arm just like you want to have a girl.

10. The speed of the ball is based on the coordination and rhythm, not on the power of a single muscle group, such as explosiveness or strength. (This side of the muscle strength I think refers to the "strength" we use when doing weight training. Its source is the liver sugar in the body, and the explosive power is the energy that we use in the instant. Its source is the body. The creatine phosphate system.)

11. Speed is a very important part of pitcher training. The only training once a week in the season is to maintain the results of hard training during the spring training. But it also means that the pitcher's coach must adjust the speed of the pitcher's ball to the top before the season starts, and the training content must also include a lot of speed ball training. This is what I mean to keep in a particular pitching posture.


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